Streamline Your Company’s Hiring Process

A major part of strategic planning in a corporate environment is hiring the right type of people into a company. The sad truth is, however, that many managers use a lax halfhearted approach to the hiring process which can shake the very foundations of any business– big or small! What you will undoubtedly notice is that at the core of every great company is a streamlined process for hiring new individuals.

Why should a reputable company care about their hiring process? At the end of the day, the type of people you let into your company can either improve your business model or lower it with their lax attitudes. How can you ensure your organization is not affected by poor hiring candidates? Here are the top four tips all companies should be looking at:

1. Stop Asking Bullet Point Questions

Most interviews are carried out by asking predetermined questions outlined on a bullet list, but oftentimes, those questions have absolutely nothing to do with a candidate’s ability to carry out the outlined job description. Instead of falling into the trap of asking questions and waiting for a rehearsed answer, get to know potential candidates and gauge their levels of experience in the field. The candidates’ attitudes, mannerisms, behaviors, skills, and past experiences can help you paint a much more realistic picture.

2. Clearly Define The Requirements Of The Position

Most managers really don’t take a skillful approach to the hiring process and just post a basic job description online hoping for the best during a casual chat. However, the interview process can be streamlined and you can avoid uncomfortable situations by outlining things in the job description such as the skill set requirements, experience, educational background, and the necessary attitudes to get the job done successfully. Laying down the rules can help you evaluate candidates better, and it can also deter those from scheduling an interview that don’t fit your company’s mold.

3. The Importance Of Testing Candidates

The problem with resumes is that people tend to stretch the truth– some more than others. However, candidates not being completely honest on a resume can be hard for the manager doing the hiring as it lays down a fake security blanket. To get around the lies, test all potential employee candidates by employing the use of role-playing scenarios, asking for a mock press release, or creating a written test.

4. The Benefits Of Including Others

Instead of being the only one doing the hiring, it makes sense to include the viewpoint of others and get a different perspective on a potential candidate. Every single person you’re looking to hire will need to interact with others in your company, so it only makes sense to ensure your candidate as well as your other employees feel at ease with one another.

The interview process should be used as a way to understand and determine whether a potential candidate has the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to represent your company in a positive manner. By taking the time to streamline the way you hire people, you can set your organization up for success.