The Football Recruiting Process is Highly Competitive

Everybody is aware how great the athletes are in professional football, but people don’t realize the competition that takes place to recruit these students to go to the best schools. Every year a fierce battle takes place between colleges who vie for all of the nations top prospects. There are of course schools with well known names where that alone sell itself, but for most colleges out there they are in a tough fight when it comes to football recruiting.

The football recruiting process usually begins as soon as students enter high school where they receive a letter of interest. This letter is just a welcoming letter and brief introduction to the school. At that point a school cannot actively recruit a high school player until their junior year.

All through high school the top players around the country attend football camps that are run by a lot of coaches affiliated with different universities. Then you have the all star camps where the best recruits in the nation shows off all of their skills in different competitions designed to test their abilities in many areas. Of course a student must also be good in the classroom if he wants to attend a premier university. But some schools are much more lax in this area depending on how good the recruit is.

The recruiting of football is big business today because it not only means access to the top players, it helps you win more games, which in turn fill stadiums and expand the pool of advertising. In addition it puts them on national television giving the school much more exposure. As you can see, landing a top recruit is literally a goldmine for a university.

The business football is very competitive and there are all our battles for these players which a lot of times can get ugly. There is so much pressure on these kids to attend the state schools from which they are from, but in the end the entire decision should rest on the student and his family.

At the end of each year there are football recruiting guides that put out lists of all the top prospects in the country. Each year the list changes as kids graduate and the next class moves in. It is a daily process where evaluation is constantly taking place. Not only do the kids have to be good on the field, they can have no disciplinary actions against them because that can cost them a full scholarship.

There is so much involved when it comes to reaching out to these players, getting them to attend recruitment day then going through the formal signing day. All of this however can change because a player does not have to honor his commitment. Just because he may have committed to the school it does not mean he is rock solid in going there. You need to keep on him until they day he shows up.

Earning a football scholarship is the dream of many kids and it all starts way before they even get their first recruitment letter. If you have a dream to play college football, you need to work hard do good in school and never give up.